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Welcome to our hair braiding school, where we delve into the rich roots of this artistry deeply embedded in African traditions. Hair braiding has been an integral part of diverse cultures for centuries, serving not only as an artistic expression but also as a profound spiritual and practical necessity. Our courses are designed to explore both the creative and technical dimensions of this ancient practice.

Beyond the aesthetic allure, hair braiding offers invaluable benefits, especially for individuals with curly hair types who often face challenges in managing their locks. African hair structures demand meticulous care, yet lack of knowledge about the right tools, techniques, and products can lead to damaged, dry, and brittle hair. These styles are what we call protective styles, and we're here to guide you through their intricacies.


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Meet our dedicated instructor Angelina, who brings a unique perspective to the art of hair braiding. Growing up in an international environment, they have been influenced by diverse cultures, with a special affinity for the Gambian culture. From a young age, their fascination with intricate hairstyles led them to start practicing on friends and family. With over 13 years of experience, they've honed their skills and developed a holistic approach to hair care, catering to individuals of all backgrounds and hair types. Join us on this journey with our passionate instructor, who is eager to share their knowledge and help you master the art of braiding, whether your hair is straight or Afro-textured.

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The courses are authored and led by Angelina Delgado, drawing from her unique 20-year journey and personal expertise in Afrocentric braiding techniques.

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