In the world of hair braiding artistry, hair extensions and hair care, there's no place like NOISM, we are thrilled to help you get desired look and stand out

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We specialize in creating braided styles that not only look great but also promote hair health and growth. Our focus is on providing safe and aesthetically pleasing solutions that will emphasize your personality. We also pioneered ethical extension technique as well as deliberate hair care treatment.

While our price list includes many of the styles we create regularly, we understand that there's a wide variety of braiding styles out there. If you don't see your desired style listed, feel free to send us a picture and get in touch. We'll be happy to provide you with a personalized quote.


Our commitment lies in delivering functional and health-conscious braiding services. We cater to a diverse clientele, working with all hair types and situations. Our emphasis is on employing healthy techniques that not only produce aesthetically pleasing results but also contribute to the overall well-being of your hair. Our aim is to make braiding accessible to everyone, ensuring that each style serves as a testament to the diversity and resilience of your hair.

Weaving Extensions

Introducing the NOISM Single Track Weaving Method, where extensions mean precision, top- notch quality, and a distinctive global approach. We specialize in tailoring each extension to your exact specifications, ensuring a personalized result that aligns with your unique preferences. We source the finest materials and employ rigorous manufacturing processes to guarantee the highest quality extensions. We are setting a new standard in the industry by prioritizing durability and craftsmanship in an old extensions technique - reinvented to new standarts.

In a market saturated with generic solutions, our Single Track Weaving technique stands out for its uniqueness. We've revamped traditional methods to offer a singular experience, recognizing and celebrating the individuality of each client.

CHI Enviro

CHI Enviro stands out as a powerful hair treatment, combining the strength of amino acids and the luxurious touch of silk proteins for a profound transformation. Amino acids work to fortify the hair structure, promoting strength and repair, while silk proteins add a touch of opulence. This treatment acts as a protective shield, defending strands from environmental stress, minimizing frizz, and enhancing a radiant shine.

Notably, CHI Enviro achieves up to a 95% reduction in frizz. Even after manual straightening, the hair maintains its straightened state, proving resistant to the effects of humid conditions.

  • Jumbo
  • Breastlength: € 175
  • Waist/Hiplenght: € 200
  • Medium
  • Breastlength:€ 290
  • Waist/Hiplenght: € 340
  • Extra for knotless: € 30
  • Small
  • Breastlength:€ 370
  • Waist/Hiplenght: € 415
  • Hiplength: € 465
  • Extra for knotless: € 50
  • Open Braids
  • Traditional:€ 315
  • Tree braid technique: € 340
Authentic black woman with braids
  • Cornrows
  • 2 Feed-In Cornrows: € 80
  • 4-5 Feed-In Cornrows: € 130
  • 7-8 Feed-In Cornrows: € 150
  • 9-10 Feed-In Cornrows: € 170
  • Ponytails & Funari Braids
  • Medium Feed-In Ponytail: € 230
  • Small Feed-In Ponytail: € 270
  • Medium Sized Fulnari Braids: € 320
Authentic black woman with braids

These include: senegalese, marley, kinky, havana spring twist

  • Jumbo
  • Breastlength: € 175
  • Waist/Hiplenght: € 200
  • Medium
  • Breastlength:€ 300
  • Waist/Hiplenght: € 350
  • Small
  • Breastlength:€ 380
  • Waist/Hiplenght: € 425
Authentic black woman with braids
  • Rows
  • 1 Row: € 80
  • 2 Rows: € 120
  • 3 Rows: € 150
  • 4 Rows: € 150
  • 4 Rows Plus (2 side pieces): € 165
  • 5 Rows: € 175
  • 5 Rows Plus (2 side pieces): € 185
  • Sew
  • Full Sew-In with Leave-Out: € 250
  • Full Sew-In with Flip-Over: € 250
Authentic black woman with braids
  • Chi Enviro
  • Shoulderlength: € 225
  • Breastlength: € 275
  • Taille: € 330
  • Chi Enviro Application for Leave-Out
  • Full perimeter: € 60
  • Half perimeter: € 250
  • Extra fee for 4 a, b, c textures due to higher amount of prodcut usage and duration of application: € 25
Authentic black woman with braids
  • Care
  • Consultation Appointment: € 35
  • Deep Cleanse & Deep Condition & Blow-Out: € 39
  • Wash & Go (Wash, Deep Condition, Moisturizes, Define, Style): € 39
  • Deep Cleansing Wash: € 15
Authentic black woman with braids


Yes, you can still braid shorter hair. While some styles may be more challenging to achieve with shorter hair, there are various braiding techniques and styles suitable for all hair lengths. The minimum length for European hair should be 8 cm, while African hair types can be braided beginning with 3 cm.

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The prices do not include the cost of materials for the braiding, such as hair extensions. You can either bring your preferred braiding hair to your appointment or purchase it from us.

Price may vary depending on the specific style you desire. We recommend contacting us in advance for a consultation to determine the exact outcome you're looking for.

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